Parents fear…

I hate the playground… although my daughter love it so much but I really hate it with a heartbeat.

I can’t control what other kids does I guess that’s why I have the playground. I’ve seen so many bad thing happen at the play ground, kids behaving very badly and get away with it.

Tyra is naturally happy and loving kids, and she think all kids are just like her. Most kids are, and  I believe all children have that beauty of innocence – until adult corrupt it at least. There are times when we come across kids that are behaving very badly and the parents did not say anything. Few times I witness children that only around 7 yrs old and already swearing like a rap singer and the parents were there but act like there’s nothing wrong.

What is going on?

Can you detect if your child a bullies? Can you as a parents without realizing has been trained a bullies? I think you can, but some parents are so blinded either with love or self pride. Parents who (maybe without realizing it) encourage a bad behavior from early on. Why does parents tend to make excuses for their child bad behavior? It is not okay to take other’s kids toy, it is not okay not wanting to share at public play ground, it is not okay not wanting to take turn and NO it is not okay to just push other kids! I don’t care is your child only 3 yrs old! If she already behaving that badly when she’s only 3 just imagine what she will act like when she’s 5? Or 9? Or when she’s becoming a teenager?

Could this be why we have so many bullying problem?

Right now, High school and middle school is just a big play ground full of bullies.

I was watching a special edition on teenager suicide. The story was very sad, depressing but an eye opener that this problem does exist! It can be very hard trying to comprehend on what can be so depressing when you’re only a teenager? No bill yet, no boss yelling at ya.. your responsibility is limited to say the least. But that’s when we try to see it from our perspective.  

Being a teenager is very difficult and more so lately. I’m trying to understand from their perspective. There’s parents pressuring you to be # 1, peer pressure, bullying etc….  time has changes, the world is completely different to when I was a teenager.

I have two little girls, and it get so scary to think of the worse possibility of things that can happen to them as they grow older. I can only hope as a parents I’ve given them enough knowledge and wisdom to know from right to wrong. Most importantly for them to know that they are loved unconditionaly by us….

Now I know what my mom said “Mother’s worries will never stops, no matter how old you guys are.”


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  1. Our children’s innocence is so precious, isn’t it? And I can reassure you, loving children, who are innocent for a long time – the longer the better, have far fewer problems as teenagers than those who lose their innocence early. Sometimes, all we can do is make sure that our children know they can come to us for help when they need it. Good luck. (Perhaps early morning playground time? Before too many other children arrive?)

    • They are so precious, all of them! I believe all children are innocent and (unfortunatelly) the parents that can change that. Thank you for your suggestion, I guess the fear of the payground is just me being over protective, but I know I can’t shelter them forever. Thank You for stopping by and leave comment.

  2. Your mom was right, a mother’s worry never stops. I am the mom of three teenagers and a 24 year old and I worry more about them more now than when they were little. However, I know I have to let them fly and hope I’ve prepared them for the world and make sure they know they can always come home. Hugs, Diane

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