Got caught butt naked!

I am the biggest “chicken” you’ll ever know. I can’t sleep by myself, I’m scared of the dark, snakes, and ghost… heck I’m scared of a clown too!

About a week ago, my family and I went to do little shopping. We went straight after I get off work. While we were at the store I need to go tinkle, I beg my daughter to go with me she refuse. Apparently being in the toy sections with grandma is much fun than going accompanying your poor mother to the loon.

So there I went.. all the way to the back of the store and still going through some hallway… So I went in, switch on the light …. Apparently the bathroom light was set on some type of movement censor. And when I switch it, I accidently move it to be kill every 30 second of no movement.

It felt like I just pull down my pants, tinkle, wipes and just sat for little bit…. remember this is after a long day at work and my legs were kind killing me – that’s when the room getting dark on me.

I was in a very panic mode… I started screaming just within seconds the light was back on – after me going crazy in there, some employee must’ve heard my scream, running to my rescue…and there I was with my pants pulled down……

Everything happen after that was kinda a blur… I vaguely remember the laughter and vow never come back to that store for a while…..

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  1. To Paige & Diane, I’m a chicken when it come to ghost or stuff like that. But I’m pretty good of embarrassing myself. There’ll be plenty of story like this to come. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!! Hugs back to you Diane!!

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