First time meeting Santa

Last weekend we took the family to see Santa. It is our family tradition to attend my company’s holiday party. They always coordinate the party to be at the same time during Denver Parade of Light. Our location its right at Downtown and will be pass by the parade. So we all can watch the parade from the convenience of the office building instead of being out in the cold.

However, even though the adult find it convenience and cozy, children have their own opinion. My daughter always beg us to go outside and see the parade from the street. Even though we’re sitting in a very comfortable warm office with plenty of food and hot cocoa or egg nog “It is not the same!” that’s what she said. We try to reason with her, telling her it’s cold outside, crowded etc… “Of course it’s crowded, all the people want to see the parade outside not inside like us! And isn’t that why you bought be this thick jacket and gloves so I can stay warm outside?” Who knew they can outsmart you that early? Daddy gave up and took her outside for little bit.

This is also the first time Kalia – our 7 month old meeting Santa! I wasn’t sure how she’ll react. Judging from the picture, she wasn’t sure either. You can tell by the look on her face that she just “lost”. When she was sitting on the Mrs Claus’s lap, she pretty happy and just attacking the goose. I mean really.. she grabbed the goose by the neck and shake it and bite it – it’s a fake goose of course – I keep on trying to keep her away from the goose because judge by the goose color, it hasn’t taken a bath since 3 Christmas ago and Kalia still tend to put things in her mouth.

At the end… it was a very nice party. The Bank put a lot of effort on putting this beautiful party together every year. Each year we always find something new. New menu, new candy buffet, new arrangement etc…. and I’m happy because I don’t have to drag my kids to meet Mall Santa, wait in line and pay ridiculous amount of money to have your child picture taken with Santa!

Enjoy the picture and happy holiday to you all!

2010 Picture of Tyra & Kalia with Santa

The goose got no change!

Tyra & Santa


Kalia is not sure how she feel about Santa

Tyra having fun in the kid section

Watching the Parade of light

One of the appertizer table

Bye Santa.. see you next year!

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