Help make a different

Hi all…

Please take your time to read this message below. Together we can all make a different. Thank You!!! This is from my friend Tara:

My friend and I are one of 10 finalists (and $1000 winners!) across the country in the TIAA-CREF Raise the Rate contest.

We have a chance to win up to $65,000, and we hope you’ll consider voting for us every day and forwarding this email along to friends and family!

(If you want to get straight to the voting and read the rest of this email later, here’s the link to vote.)

The ultimate contest goal was to collect ideas from individuals nationwide on how Americans can “raise their savings rate” to 10 percent in two years and then act on the winning idea.  

And because we truly believe this idea will support the economic growth of women, if we win, 10 percent of our prize will be donated to Women’s Bean Project.

What’s our idea?

  • Imagine the feel of a girls’ night out, toss in 10 incredibly smart ladies and add in a little money-conscious twist for…a Women’s Saving Club!


  • The Women’s Saving Club was created as an outlet for us and our friends to support each other, inspire and learn from each other and hold each other accountable in money issues.  
  • Our club members are cool gals with ambition, initiative and an inclination toward sustainability.  We all learn something from each other when we embrace our differences and support each other.
  • Often, finances are a taboo topic — it’s great to talk openly in a judgement-free zone.
  • And, at each meeting, we bring food from our pantry (no buying anything) and bring items such as CDs, magazines, etc. to swap.
  • Plus, we get to see each other every month!

What sets us apart from the other entries?

  • You can start saving right away! All you need are friends, a house for meetings  and an internet connection for research.
  • In just two months of originally submitting the entry and actually starting our very own Women’s Saving Club, our members have set goals and have taken steps toward reaching their financial goals.  Check out our progress here. Our entry doesn’t require new technology or changes in federal law, banking practices or public policy to create change.
  • Remember how book clubs took off? Well, we envision the same thing happening with Women’s Saving Clubs. Already, we have a sister club in Ohio!
  • It’s actually fun to save when you’re a part of Women’s Saving Club.

Where can I find more information?

  • We started a blog, where we made our goals public, so we act on them.
  • Plus, we include other interesting financial/savings topics that are good for club meeting fodder.  

What we’re asking of you?
1.       You can vote for us everyday starting Thursday, Nov. 18 until Dec. 9! We’d love the support! Click here to vote.
2.       You can start your own club and keep us posted on how it’s going.  We hope Women’s Saving Clubs are started in every city, in every state in our country.  If you start a club, email us at
2a.     If you’re a man, don’t worry — start a Men’s Saving Club or perhaps a Poker Investment Club where you invest the winnings. Or just share this with your female friends! It’ll all comes around to a better world in the end.
3.       You can encourage your friends, family and co-workers to visit our website.  We want to educate women about finances as women control 85 percent of purchase decisions in the home.

We hope you’ll vote for us daily,start your own club or consider the many ways you can save money in your life.  Thank you!!/tiaa-cref?v=app_114844345212122

Yours in Saving the really fun way,   


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