You are a very bad man who didn’t deserve Santa!

I went to a grocery store right by my work to pick up some quick lunch. As we all know, during this time most shopping places have one of this ARC people ringing their bells with their red bucket for donations. So is at this store. An older gentlemen with his thick jacket, wearing Santa’s hat just happily ringing his bells and wish shopper merry Christmas – to those who made eye contact anyway.

I was still standing outside looking at some Christmas tree not too far from that guy when out of the blue some guy went into the store and start swearing at the ARC guy. “get a f@#$&^ real job you loser!” that what he said. The ARC guys just smile and said “Merry Christmas Sir.” Somehow that just furriate the other guy more. He grabbed the other guy by the hand and almost started a physical fight. He said “Don’t you merry Christmas me you loser!”

During this whole thing, I was just stand there stunned! Many people were too. Then there’s this one boy – in my opinion he’s around 6 – 7 yrs old – started shouting back to the guy. “Leave him alone! He’s a Santa helper not a loser. You’re a loser!” then he continues while crying “You are a very bad man and you don’t deserve Christmas and Santa!”

Just right after that people stared to defend the ARC guy and that jerk left the store immediately. That poor little boy was so upset, he was crying and shacking up. People that was there to witness the whole thing try to calm him along with his mother, they call him a hero, so is the ARC guy. People also shook his hand.

I was standing there still stunned, I left the store shortly after. The whole time yesterday I keep on thinking about that poor ARC guy and the little boy. None of us – including me!! – stand up for the guys. It was only after the little boy say something then people started to react. What’s wrong with that?! Are we becoming so ignorant?

Target refuse to allow ARC to stand in front of their store because it’s inconvenience their customer. Really?  What have we turn ourselves into? Personally, I know few people that told me how they hated the ARC guy in front of any store. But why? I live here for 10 years and never in my experience those guy ever harm me or force me to donate. To me they’re part of Christmas! Christmas seems different without the bell greeting me each time I enter a store.

I’m trying to give everybody benefit of the doubt. The guys who’s acted like a jerk could’ve had a very bad day – who knows, but it’s still no excuse to treat others like that. Stop the hating!  Whatever issue you have with the world.. whatever anger you have, please don’t take it to just some random guy….

They boy said it all, they are not a loser, they are Santa’s helper trying to bring little more cheers for those who is less fortunate. Let us keep a positive attitude, not just during holiday season for everyday of our life!

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  1. If we all could keep the spirit and goodness of a young child’s heart there would be far less bad behavior from adults in this world. I agree with you wholeheartedly, we should strive to stay positive and show kindness not only during the holiday season, but every single day. Take care, Diane

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