Wrapped like a stuffed pig!

Around thanksgiving it’s also a time for CO Hmong New year celebration. This year to mark a special time in our friendship, all of us family and friends decide to wear our Hmong dress. Even though I’m not Hmong I have one dress that my mother in law gave me for my wedding. Just like with Indonesian dress, I’m in awe of Hmong costume, it’s so colorful and one is so different from the other depend on which region. So no two are alike.

The one thing I don’t like is how wearing them can be very uncomfortable – again it’s depend on which kind and who’s helping you wear them. I remember when I first wear them my in law help me, she wrapped and tie me so tight that breathing seems to me impossible. Another thing, I personally think the skirt made my butt looks bigger (and it’s huge already so it’s not like I need help in that area). Don’t forget the necklace! It’s pure silver (the real one) so it’s freakin heavy! Beautiful, but very heavy.

Long story short… it’s just like how my mother in law does it. I was stuffed and wrapped so tight! The picture proved it how I feel like 10 lbs heavier.

But I’m excited wearing it with my friends/family. We just decide on it on Thursday during thanksgiving dinner and planning on wearing it Saturday. Friday night & Saturday morning I went through all my boxes of clothes down in the basement and can’t really find my outfit. Almost give up, I finally find the skirt and shirt, but Hmong outfit also have the apron that goes with it and the money belt and at this time only God knows where they are. Little sad I thought I won’t be able to join my friends wearing our costume.

No fear… that’s what they say. They all have a suitcases full of them! So each of them helping me dress up. We all gather at one of my friend’s house and dress up together. I can’t come because we moved my daughter Sunday school to Saturday, so in effort to make me wear the costume they drag their suitcase to the function and dress me in the restroom.  It was crazy (and touching) and the same time. One give me new shirt to wear, one brought the hat, the belt, the jewelry etc…..

Here’s some of the pictures of us lovely ladies and the kids wearing them….  Please don’t comment on my butt! Ha!

Us in Hmong dress


Here’s the beautiful children….

The children dressed in Hmong too

On top of that, they all wanted to go to the party afterwards. I have never been to the party so I don’t know what to expect. Plus, I wasn’t prepare for it. I just had my jeans and shirt with me. Again, team work! We all dress up each other again and my friend have a dress that is brand new she never wore that fits me. She gave me the dress not just to wear but also to keep! Here’s the picture of all of us before the party and at the party.

Us at the party

2010 CO Hmong New year Party

There’s a dance! It’s been forever since my Hmong guy and I go dancing – it felt awkward and we giggle a lot. Hahahaha…  and one of my friend took picture of us dancing from afar.


Me & my Hmong guy


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