We celebrate our thanksgiving with our friends/family,  Some of the Hmong family sorta adopt us into their family and we always spending holiday together with them., so they are our family. It’s our little tradition here in CO, it’s been that way for about 5 yrs now – except last year because my Mom accidently accept different invitation for us, but it was still a very nice thanksgiving with another friends.

 The amount of food we had yesterday was enormous! It’s crazy, I thought it’d last us until Christmas! But after second and third serving, few rounds of games and eat again, I was not surprise that most of the food gone by the end of the night.

 Last night was the most fun Thanksgiving I ever had – it was always fun to spend time with my family and past thanksgiving was always fun – something different about last night. We’ve been friends with all of them for over 4 years now, the whole family quickly adapt us into their family and include us in their family functions. I’ve seen the worse of them, they’ve seen the worse of me but like with family, we go through the bad and the good together and our relationship is stronger as ever. Who said family have to be blood? Not in my case.

 As we go around to say things we thankful for… it give me flashback of when I first met them, when they first welcome me into the family, the ups and downs, the tears, the fight, the drama…. (we’re family after all) and I am forever Thankful for them.

 Last night, I learned about sincerity of friendship, nobody is perfect and family normally forgive each other (most of the time) but I came in as a stranger with no relations to them at all whatsoever, but they’ve seen the worse of me and still accept me of who I am. No such thing as holding grudges or retaliations….  We all adults with different background and different mindset, it is only natural sometimes those ideas will clashes, I’ve seen it happen, but it’s all left as it is, at the end we know we never meant any harm, we move on and stay strong.  

 All this time a lot of us normally worry about  (and wish for more) money, and I know that money is not everything, but last night it’s been proven to me over and over again I already have the most important things in life, my family and their support , our health, a great husband and a great supporting friends.

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

 And I’m thankful for my blogging friends too! Our conversation and sharing experience through blogging and comment have been interesting and something I look forward to.

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