Pray for Indonesia

My Indonesia…. The devastation around me….

I drew blank this past few days. So many things happen around me that just took my focus away from me. With the situation of my youngest one (still needing more test done), waiting for my Mom to come and the devastation that just recently happen in my country.

From recent earth quake, flood and the very most recent the volcano erupt in Yogya – my husband’s favorite city in Indonesia.

 I lost words of what to say. I’m glad that none of my family were affected by this. But that is just a small relief because there are people out there that were affected by it and I feel helpless. All I can do is sending my prayer… please all do the same.

 People say you know who your real friends are when you’re down. And I’ve been proven by this saying many – many times of  who my true friends are. The one that be there for me when I was down.  My email is full of friends checking on me and my family, my phone is also can’t stop ringing from friends. I’m lucky to have all of you. Thank You.


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