I want my Mommy!!!

What one hell of a week I had last week.

Finishing the left over from quarter end at work, trying to orginized my daughter 5th birthday party, worrying about my mom Visa to come, my little one is sick and then, there’s this silly little drama that happen to me, although I’d like to keep that one private. Yup – that’s the sum up of the week I had last week.

I was still recovering from quarter/month end at work and then was hit by a very disturbing news about m y little daughter health condition. I’m very sad and very concern, there’s million of question running in my head and this waiting game is killing me! I’m very grateful that beside my husband I have circle of friend that are there for me, they were there when I need someone to cry … I was crying to three of my friends till pass midnight and they were there for me.

But I want my mommy! Somehow I feel like my mom have this magical power to make bad things dissapear. I feel such comfort when she’s around. Now more than ever I want her! Talking to her on the phone crying sharing news about my little one is not enough right now. I want her here, I want to cry with her, I want her to actually hug and hold me and tell me everything is going to be okay….

On top of all that, closed to the end of the week we heard that her visitor visa got approved and mydaughter party turn out great…. but there’s still matter of my little one…. Lots of people asure me everything will be okay, I know I have plenty of support and pray coming my way, and I’m grateful and hopeful that all will be okay. But I still want my mommy…..


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