I’m not very creative although I would like to be… 🙂 My friend introduce me to blogging at first I look at it as my online diary, the idea of blogging and how it’s actually on www is still foreign to be at that time. Since I have my second daughter, I took this blogging more seriously and start understand the concept – yeah, I’m a slow learner..ha!

Never once it ever occur in my mind that someone else will be interested in what I have to say, in my opinion or just simply read my story. I’m not sure what trigger it but lately I’ve been getting few encouraging email to write more and few follower reader – thank you! It’s amazing and it feel amazing. Just a thought that I can somewhat entertain someone.

I found this writing online earlier today and it describe exactly how I feel and why I will continue to write…

‘Everything we experience, whether happy, sad, painful, troubled, exhilarating, inspiring, or anything else, becomes part of what we’re made of. And what we’re made of finds its way into our writing. It must.’
– Victoria Hanley

Thanks for reading…..


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