First Sunday school

Today is the first day Tyra attend Sunday Islamic school. Tyra is so excited, so am I. At home, I slowly begin teching her about the concept of God, how to pray etc, just some basic stuff and she know how to recite some prayer in Arabic. I have a high hope that this school will fill the gap of religion teaching that I can’t fill.

I’m very pleased with the teacher and the teaching. I feel so embarrased that I never teach Tyra the 5 pilar of Islam which is Shahadah (acknowledgement of God and Phophet Muhhamad), Prayer, Fasting, Charity and Hajj. That is the most important foundation of Islam and I never teach my daughter that. I feel blessed fof this Sunday School.  Tyra leaned a lot, not just the 5 pilars, but also about birthday, halloween, etc…

Oh, I have to share something funny, the first teaching is the concept of God. The teacher explain how God create us all, she ten point at all student while saying “He create you, and you and you….” my Tyra with confussion in her face slowly raise her hand and ask the teacher “But I thought my mommy and my daddy made me?”  🙂

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