The tale of two sisters…

My beautiful girls

I took this picture last weekend during their nap time.  I was reading a story to both of them and they fall asleep. I lay right by them watching if Big sister somehow will accidently roll into little sissy. Just like a great sister as she is, she’s very over protective and even in her sleep. Never once she rolls (as if) knowing that she was holding her little sister.

I could never be more proud of my two girls. Tyra is so excided of being a big sister that she really want to get involve in every feeding, every diaper change even when little sister being fussy you’ll find her running first trying to calm little sissy down. Some friends say that will change. So far the sister bonding is just keep on growing stronger. I can see that they will be a great friend together.  Kalia always looking for big sister, and she’ll look at her with admiration, she’s only 4 month, but I can just tell by the way she look at her big sister.

I have so much love for my girls, so much admiration, so much hope…..  Everyday I thank God for these blessing.


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    • Thank You! My 4 yr old normally pick the book and she want me to read. From time to time I tell them some Indonesian children story too. The little one normally just babbling away with me as if she understand. Hehehe…

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