The day I realize we turn into our parents…

There are so many things that our parents did and we vow we won’t be like them, but then we realize we did exactly what they did. Well here’s my story of one of those moment..

She’s your daughter! I always get a chuckle when my parents said that to each other. Normally when we’re in trouble. Ha! I can still remember vividly when either me or my sister got in some kinds of trouble my Mom will call my dad “Schat (it mean honey/darling in Dutch – I’m sure I just butchered the spelling though..) here’s your daughter!” or “Look at what your daughter did!” But when we’re good she’ll then brag about us “Look at what MY daughter did.” Hahahaha…. We joke about that…

This morning, apparently my four year old decide she’ll get rid of the tangle in her hair by cutting it! My husband caught her in the act and somehow got into argument with her – I love to see that! By 11 am he call me at work “Did you know what YOUR daughter did?” ahh,.. that your daughter/my daughter thing is just ring a bell to me…

Ahahahaha… the day we turn into our parents!!!

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