To my husband….

I’m a very mean and demanding wife and most of you knows it too well. We made it 10 year though.. hahaha…. September is somewhat a special months for our relationship, it’s when we first exchange vow I should say, and to honor that I thought it’d be nice to write something in tribute to my other (better) half here on my blog. Friday afternoon, I come home from work to find my husband, my four yr old and my 4 month old all crash in the living room. All sleeping. I see some clean laundry on the basket, the dryer is still running… turn out that my husband is doing laundry for me. Awww…. Very nice gesture, but I truly wasn’t shocked though….

My husband, although he’s a man – Asian man – but always good at lending hand in household chores. He’s the one who’s doing the heavy lifting duty such as vacuum, sweeping and moping. He also taking care of Tyra & Kalia too. Getting Tyra ready for school, know more about her homework, went to her PTO meeting. He also baby sit Kalia while I’m at work. He cook for us from time to time, Tyra even said that he like Daddy spaghetti better than Mommy spaghetti – yeah that hurt, hehehe but in a way, he’s welcome to do more of cooking for us  Wow… now that I lay it out it makes me wonder what did I bring to this marriage? Hehehehe…

So.. to sum up, here my husband, working third shift so he can spend more time with his girls, came home only take few hrs of sleep, and taking care of the girls and still manage to do all of that for me and he also go back to school for his Master Degree and oh.. did I mention he’s also the bread – winner too! Am I a lucky girl or what? – yeah I’ll do write another post (or debate) about this latter.

But I am lucky, to have him as my other half in embarking this journey together. In a lot of times when I feel like giving up, he’s the one who is stubbornly refuse to give up, most of the times just ignore me when I have my melt down – which could be a good strategic if you know me – and my girls are lucky to have a dad who is very devoted to them.

I know that not every day is a hallmark day or kodak moment. The house is chaos in a lot of the times, the baby haven’t sleep throughout the night (yet), we’re both exhausted but yet, most of the times he can cool me down by his nonchalant way of “everything will be okay” attitude – I’m not sure if I’m making sense here. Our family is stronger because of him. Between our family life, our struggles, the drama etc… he’s keeping us all together. And I’m very grateful and appreciative of him for that.

So Yes, I am very lucky!

Ps. To my dear husband, just keep on doing what you’re doing and don’t make me regret I ever write this piece as a tribute for you.

Told you I’m a mean wife!

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