The big C – like a monster in your closet!

Cancer – the deadly word. My first exposure of cancer was over 20 years ago when my dear aunt pass away from liver cancer. I haven’t heard much or thought much about it. Cancer is like a familiar stranger, I know the word, but understand very little about it. Most I is lot on TV or add about effort of fighting cancer.

Then about 3 year ago, I learned that my direct manager was diagnosing with stage 4 of liver and kidney cancer. Stage four, obviously they found it too late. He was quite a healthy guy; he was a very heavy smoker for over 20 years that’s why his doctor only focuses on any abnormal on his lung due to that fact. Kinda ironic.

I watch his struggle and effort of fighting it. I watch how he’s physically slowly detoriate from a very strong healthy person, to skinny, bald and very weak. After 2 years of fighting with cancer, he loses. Not without a battle, but he lose.  After that its goes downhill from that moment, shortly after (just few months ago) one of my regular customer whom I talked to on daily basis also pass away from cancer. My customer’s assistant pass away about week later from the same disease. Then two other people I know also pass away. Not to mention one of my colleague’s wife who is – as harsh as this sound – just waiting for the day. She already loses the ability to do anything physically as the cancer already spread almost throughout her whole body.  2 weeks ago, my mom break the news that one of my aunt was in coma after a biopsy on her brain, she was complaining of a headache, went to MRI and found a brain cancer. She never woke up from her surgery and later that week she pass away.

Just few days ago, my other manager who is also a dear friend just found out she have breast cancer, she will undergo a mastectomy next week and then follow by chemo.  She’ll be gone for months starting next week.

Then last night, it was supposed to be a great night to celebrate one of my friend’s son’s 5th birthday. And it still is, but we all also sadden by one of our friend/relative bad news that their 15 years old – YES 15!! We just went to his birthday party few months ago – Was just diagnose with brain tumor and might be cancerous.  They just found out few days ago now they have to make a very tough decision on the treatment. Removing it wasn’t an option because the tumor was right in the middle in his brain and connected to his eyes vessel. I can’t and won’t try to imagine on how they must’ve felt. As a parents it’s just break my hearts.

So what is this cancer that has been taken so many lives around me? I’m sure it just didn’t affect me; I’m sure many of you also.  I’m ashamed to admit that I still don’t know much about it, I really need to get better educated with this disease.  I will talk to my doctor more about this.

Among other thing, I will focus more to have a more quality of life for me and my family. I pray for people around me and people around the world who is now fighting for cancer, for them to be given strength and to always stay positive and hopefully to be given the miracle of cure.

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