The story of my holiday…

To me, EID is a very beautiful holiday, it’s about thanksgiving, forgiveness and charity. No gift exchange involve, no material stuff. All pure humaterian holiday from the heart. We supposed to ask forgiveness from each other. This is the year where I know I have the best parents ever. They will humbly ask forgiveness from us – their child. It’s always makes me cry when my mom and my dad will hugs me and ask for forgiveness – sincerely.

It’s also the day of victory, the day of praising God the all the prophet.

I mention earlier how I feel a bit down because again I spend holiday away from home… here in this palce, where even most of my friend doesn’t share my excitement of this holiday – gosh I’m such a baby! I look at my family’s picture on Facebook on how the holiday is back home and it’s always bring tears….

It’s normally start from a week before the holiday, you can feel it in the air, the market full of holiday food, my mom start preparing the house to look more pretty for family, relative & friends… new clothes for us! My mom also prepare lots of food gift basket to give away. She’s my goddest, her and my dad is the first people that teach me about charity. Afterall charity is one of the main pillar of Islam. Then the night before the holiday was the highlight! The last Tarawih pray at the mosque feels even more special, fireworks, games, food vendor .. and some people parading on the street chanting Takbir (pray). Gosh.. it’s beautiful and how I miss it so……

Well, enough of being sad and down, because I do have family here and some people who are care. Yesterday one of my good friend drop by and bring me a cake for the holiday… my favorite too! I can’t believe she make time to deliver it even we live quite far from each other, she understand how I have no family here and just want to shre this special day with me even though she didn’t celebrate it! I did have a very nice lunch at one of my other friend’s house right after pray at the mosque. Yesterday we have dinner at our other friend’s house too – they’re not Muslim btw.

On more positive news, I found a new mosque not too far from where I live, and it’s a fairly new mosque, very small. It’s just open last year to cater the growing muslim population in southeast Denver around lone tree area. I’m excited! They have a great Sunday school program where I can put Tyra soon, she’s excited too.

Beside the normal pray I said, I also pray for peace and little hope maybe I will be given a change to celebrate next holiday with my family and share that special moment with my own little family. Amien.


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