Lets share Hugs! (via Zaaviya)

This will roughly be the 11th yr for me to spend holiday away from home. I’ve been feeling very down lately and just overwhelmed with sadness. There’s also a sadness of the ending of Ramadan, a very special month. I remember I have friend over one night and I share with her of my excitements that Ramadan is coming, her respond was “Why?” I think some poeople just look at Ramadan as day of fasting but forget the whole other reson behind this holy month.

I come accross this blog that I think speak a lot for me. Let’s share hugs!!!

Lets share Hugs! I was fortunate enough that I got a complete month off to enjoy compulsory fasting at home, (And its making me mad that I have to re-join work by coming Monday). Although every year it irritates me to adopt a new schedule of eating/drinking, avoiding irrelevant stuff and following regularity of prayers but every time, its emotional to say goodbye to Ramadan. Ramadan is ending again, after a month of abstinence, control and spiritual training now … Read More

via Zaaviya

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