Islam = Terrorist, the park51 debate

Islam is THE boogeyman….

I honestly don’t know completely how I feel about this. I wrote about this weeks ago when this issue first came up, but then I never publish it.

I’m a Muslim living in America, while I was still living in my home country and Australia, I always heard the horror story on American view on Islam. As always, I give it benefit of the doubt. Most of the time nothing really happen, but my experience living in Colorado Springs Is far from hate free especially towards my believe. Even before 9/11 happen, I went through an unpleasant experience.

America is pride themselves with freedom. Freedom of speech, freedom of choosing, freedom of practicing your religion – whatever it is.. etc… this freedom is what (supposedly) the terrorist after. Freedom is why American is now at war, sending troops to Iraq & Afghanistan in order to protect this privilege rights of freedom. Also to free the local people from the tyrant leadership.

9-11 happen. It happen because of the work of 19 hijackers – who happen to be Muslim. But of course, even though it’s not in the name of Islam, its Islam at fault, Islam is to blame and therefore every Muslim is a terrorist. Am I right? You don’t agree that you think every Muslim is a terrorist?? Well, if you don’t agree, then why there’s so much misconception about Islam, why there’s a term of Islamophobia? Most recently why there’s a debate over the park 51 project or what people call the ground zero mosque?

Here’s few arguments I read in the media over the past months:

And by the way… project Park 51 is not about Mosque, it is a community center project that will be open for the whole community. Much like YMCA.

The distance – too close to the ground zero. How far away would be far enough? Two blocks (Manhattan block), it is nowhere near the actual ground zero, you can’t even see the ground zero from the purpose location or vice versa. Should Oklahoma City not have any churches (or, as pointed out in the post, buildings with affiliations to religious organizations) within two blocks of it?

Here’s another blog that cover this issue. Where do you put a Mosque,  and by the way there is already a mosque within 800 feet of ground zero. Also on the other ground zero (the Pentagon), Muslim have been praying there daily with no conflict.

The sensitivity of the issue. For some, the proximity isn’t the real issue. The controversy lies in this proposed centre being Muslim, if they were build another YMCA, this wouldn’t been an issue. Now why is that? Did America really blame Islam for 9-11? Is Islam really at fault and part of the terrorist? I understand that 9-11 is a tragedy. It affected the whole world. I myself was crying when it happen. Little did I know, one of my childhood friend die on that American Airline plane, but even before knowing that, my hearts goes for all the victim and condemn the people or the group behind it, but that wasn’t Islam.

Now if they don’t let this through because of the controversy of the base of the religion, then its anti-American, and anti-Constitutional. And it would be a disgrace. This also mean, no matter what American will always see Islam as a threat, as the bad person, the blame behind 9/11.

The building is part of the sacred ground. The building was occupied by Burlington Coat Factory and now, I just heard that a piece of metal coming from the place landed on this building and that makes it sacred. Is that mean some porn shop and strip club in that area that was damage by the debris is also sacred? The zoning committee obviously doesn’t think the area is part of the sacred ground. Otherwise they will code it.

Where they get the fund to build this place? Well first of all why should we care? Oh wait… We do care because it’s a Muslim center!!! We need to know because everything related to Islam most likely to receive funds from the terrorist! Isn’t it what’s in everybody’s mind? If people will always make that kind of ridiculous connection then think about this, next time you ate at German restaurant, you also contribute to the Nazi, and when you buy a cookie at the Catholic Church bake sale that’s mean you also funding the cover up act of the priest in their pedophile case.

FYI, just for the argument sake, the man who apparently funded the Park51 Project is the Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. He is also the second largest shareholder in Fox News. Oh NO!!! Should we closed down Fox News as well???? Is kinda “funny” Fox News is the main media that stir up this nonsense, just few days ago, our lovely own, Glen Beck thinks that the mosque should be banned from the area because of its questionable funding but now we know that same man who is funding the mosque is funding Beck’s paycheck …hmm… I wonder if he start questioning his own paycheck now?

Still speaking of Glen Beck, he claim that that a mosque anywhere near Ground Zero would be terribly offensive to the 9/11 victims’ families, you know because all Muslim is terrorist and all…. But did he forget what he said on his own program few years ago? He said he “hates” the 9/11 families. And that he is “so sick of them.” That they should just “shut up” because they are “always complaining.” Wow… speaking of being insensitive!


No matter how you look at it, the whole argument – whatever it is – lies of the basic fact that this center is for Muslim. It depends who you think was behind the 9/11 attack. Islam was first to blame for Oklahoma attack. It was American very own Tim McVeigh – A Christian Irish American.

I can’t help but think some of this negativity is based on ignorance, majority American don’t really know the real Islam, I have one client that was surprise to know I’m a Muslim. This is what he said “Wow, you don’t act like one.” Umm… How does one suppose to act? Carrying a weapon and wrap my head in a turban? Or since I’m a woman, I should cover my whole face and body with just little peep hole?

The Park51 Project is actually trying to heal wounds, spread a true form of Islam and reach out to everyone in the community. Somehow I think they are failing in that endeavor just before it even started. I fear that this project will only trigger more bigotry and hatred towards Islam.  The proof is already in the making, this debate is one proof and also the Muslim cab driver that was stabbed in NY, and there’s Pastor Jones of Dove World Outreach Center – a peaceful organization they say – who will be hosting an International Burning Quran day on 9/11.

Need I remind people that there are Muslim who also dies in 9/11. There are Muslim dies all over the world fighting terrorism. There are Muslim in US Army who is fighting to take down Al-Qaeda. We are in this war together.

Based on this argument it seems like the war on terrorism is a losing caused … the soldier fighting, sacrificing their life to help the Iraqi and Afghan citizen so they can have freedom, yeah… they can come to America the land of freedom, ups … just not in lower Manhattan.  

Somewhere out there a group of terrorist smiling a victory smile… this debate just proof that America is failing at protecting their basic fundamental of freedom. Isn’t it exactly what the terrorist want? And the American people just give it to them in a silver platter…

For more opinion, you can read this as well.

Everybody entitle to their own opinion, whatever it is, it’s depend on who do you think behind the 9/11 attack. This is my opinion.

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