After 10 yrs I know that not everyday of my marriage will be a hallmark moment, but there are plenty within that 10 yrs and I know plenty more to come. I was still living in Indonesia when I first met him, we talk (chat) almost everyday and email… I ususually print his email and put it in the binder – he was so surprise to see it when he came and visit me in Indonesia.

In that email, beside the usual corny boyfriend, girlfriend stuff is also a story about my everyday life, telling each other about pur days and just whatever story comes up. Me and my husband, we were friend first, it all makes it easier to open up and be comfortable with each other.

Things got sour the last few yrs, the stress of life have taken so much from that comfortable moment and I (we) need to remember the time when it’s all first happen…. I dedicate this song to my husband because this is how I feel when we first started…

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