Hope for a new positive beginning

I learned from my 4 yrs old…. I accidently step on her foot tonight, few nights ago, same thing but the opposite happen, Tyra step on my foot at the store. I was so mad at her for not watching where she was going. Tonight, I apology to Tyra, then she just look at me and smile, “it’s okay Mommy, I know it’s an accident.” Just as simple as that. I was taken back by it. I cry because I was so embarrassed. Why can’t I be more forgiving like her? Why does the stress of my day have to take over?

I’ve heard people saying on how we’ll always learned from our child… it’s true….

It got me thinking…..

I used to let my emotion take over. When a bad situation hit, my defense system is up and I act without thinking. The consequences? Yeah…  let just say it’s not worth it.

Looking back, I could’ve done things differently but all in the past is done and over with. Now new perspective and try to have a better quality life, now I choose to be more positive. I quit blaming everything on others. A wise person said to me, “in every situation (whether is good or bad), even if you only contribute 2% to the situation you’re still part of it and can’t relinquish responsibility entirely.

I have to realize that everybody have their own way of doing things, just because it’s not my way (or what I think the right way) doesn’t mean she/he is wrong. I have to be more acceptable of things around me might not happen the way I wanted it.

I choose to forgive… I choose to love and most of all, I choose to be happy…..

Thank you Tyra….

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