Day of family and luxury

Last Saturday we start the day by waking up late – around 7.30 – 8.00 am (yes, for us that’s really late) then just relax with morning paper and the baby. I manage to plant the Hmong Herb plant that my friend gave me. We then headed to Southland Mall and walk around at the Farmers Market. Got a dozen cupcake from Bliss CupCake store at the mall, too bad they don’t have the Khalua flavor one, I really craving it!

 I took Tyra to get her first hair cut at children salon Jack & Jill. I was very impressed with the salon and the friendliness of the staff. Tyra got pampered for the day and she love it! They even gave her little certificate with her picture and little pieces of her hair. Too cute!

As for mommy… my husband  have been spoiling me with gift card for Antoine Du Chez. He want me to get a messages – he always give me a gift of messages before such as to Messages Envy and this one spa in Colorado Springs when we live there – I guess he know a relax wife mean a relaxing household.. hehehe…  I get a body treatment instead. I got the Warm Mud Body Melt: Modern living generates a dynamic and intensive environment which promotes the development of tension and inflammation. By utilizing heat and minerals, the Ahava Dead Sea Mineral Mud treats joint inflammation in an optimal manner. The body accumulates toxins under the skin and is unable to dispose of them. The Dead Sea Mineral Mud, which contains an extremely high concentration of dissolved salts acts as an osmotic pump, effecting deep cleansing and thus enabling the body to remove the harmful toxins it has accumulated. This treatment starts with a brush application of the Dead Sea Mineral Mudd. You are then cocooned and spritzed with an aromatherapy treatment while detoxifying. Once that is complete, you will rinse off in the shower before being massaged with an enriched body lotion.

Daddy will get some treatment too, I’m making him a reservation also at Antoine Du Chez for a Man’s service package, with it he’ll get 60 minutes massage and hair treatment also a hair cut.

It was so good and so relaxing! Plus, Antoine Du Chez is one of the prestige spa & salon for woman in Denver, so I really get pampered and receive 5 star treatment from the time I walked in. I told my husband I can really get used to this!

We then have dinner – break fasting – with food from Pho Fusion in DTC. The pho was good, husband would like to have more portion though…

What a good way to enjoy my weekend and ready for the hectic work week ahead…


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