The good, the bad, the frustrating and the hilarious (embarrassing) of my life….

The good….

Ten years together!!!  This year is the tenth year anniversary of me and husband being together… it is not without its ups and downs… the past three years has been the toughest it really makes me think that we went through that tough time together so, I’m very confident that we should be able to go through any situation together in the future as well. Honestly, I have to give him most of the credit,  I know that these 10 years would not have happened without him being who he is, he stubbornly refuse to give up and force me to faced it all together. Looking back, I realize that I am lucky to have someone as a partner to share this journey of life together…. all of it, the joy and the struggles … Happy Anniversary to me!!!

The bad…..

Just yesterday my little one Kalia was diagnose with ear infection, DOUBLE ear infection!!! My poor baby! No signs that I can’t really see other than there are times she cry one of those high pitch cry….  But me holding her tightly and nursing seems to calm her down and I can honestly say she’s pretty happy baby 90% of the time these past few days… so assume nothing. Yesterday, my husband’s fatherly instinct kick in and he call me, he said there’s gotta be something wrong with Kalia. We made an appointment to the doctor and that’s how we found out about the infection. After Antibiotic and other medication, she’s back to her normal self…. 

I feel like a bad mother… maybe my judgment was clouded by the stress at work that I can’t see nothing wrong with my baby? Another point where I’m so glad to have my husband as my partner in this, he can fill me in when I’m not in the position to do or feel anything…

The frustrating…

Arrghhh……. Is there’s such thing as terrible two’s 2 yrs later? Honestly most of the times Tyra has been a very good child. Just lately, she has not been focus and have little attitude. I’m not sure where that comes from? Is it from school friend or TV? Or combinations? Just like last night, she was crying looking for her little bubble gum scent perfume I got her. She can’t find it and looking for it like crazy, got frustrated and just cry… and she have such a selective hearing now… I must say, over all Tyra is a very good kid, I just need to “bring” her back before it’s all become out of control….

And …..The hilarious (embarrassing)

Of course this has to start with my Tyra. She’s notorious about things that can come out of her mouth and her innocence mind…

We were watching TV one night and they were showing an infomercial of little tool that supposed to help you flatten your tummy… My Tyra just so amaze with it and then excitedly tell me “Mom… you got to buy it so you can have a smaller tummy!!!” um……………

Yesterday driving home from Dr. Office during rush hr, I’m a bit frustrated with the traffic and start talking to the traffic to move it (basically talking to myself). Tyra then ask why I’m in such a hurry.. I just told her I want to get home because I have stomachache … little did I know my little stinker then scream to the traffic “Move it people my Mommy got to go poopy!!! And yeah… my window was rolled open… of course…..

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