Oh no… Target too???!!!

Normally, depending on the issue, I’m not one who care much about boycotting certain place. I’m an equal opportunity shopper!

Not because I don’t care or I don’t have morale, but in my opinion, almost every big company is part of Corporate America, so I shop at Wal-mart, drink my coffee from Starbucks, have credit card and account with Bank of America, mortgage with Chase, purchase gas for my car (because you know, ALL Gas company are the worse!!!) etc… If you want to boycott one because of morale issue you should boycott all.. that’s my opinion.

Last week I receive something about Target that at first I thought it was a hoax, I did some research in my limited time and to my surprise it is not a hoax! Target even though it already big company and well known, made its name by being thought of as the more progressive store in the wake of numerous WalMart morale issue – it is one of their biggest promoting image that as a company they are better than WalMart.

 I’m not so sure about that now… Target has spent over $150,000 to supports Arizona’s draconian immigration law, wants to abolish the minimum wage and even gave money to a fringe group that condoned the execution of gay people. Target try to buy an election with money – no different in corruption.

 For a lot of people, the issue I mention above might not be big issue, but it is for me. There’s a very thin line between AZ immigration law and discrimination, without standardize minimum wage all of us will not have protection (maybe that’s what Target aiming for, to be able to pay their employee however they like), and gay issue… very big for me, I’m a big gay supporter, why? For me they are no different than the rest of us, why should they be treated different. Religion teach us NOT to JUDGE. Again, anti gay is same with racism and discrimination in my eyes….

Don’t tell me that they are better than WalMart, don’t tell me it is not a morale issue because it is! It is so sad to see one of my favorite store actually participate in dirty politic world… and to chose a negative side.


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