I failed my child…

From the very beginning, I always have a strong view about education, especially early childhood education. For me school is not just about getting academically educated, but much – much more than that. Especially for early childhood education. You can have the smartesr child in the whole universe, but if he/she does not know how to socialize properly, that kid won’t go far – my opinion~!

As much as I want to baby my kids all the time, I want my kids to be able to adapt to real world situation, to be able to socialize, to be able to see how they first see themselves, how they think they should function, how they expect others to function in relation to them such as learning how to play nice and sharing with others.

Children must receive proper attention and affection to develop in a healthy manner and need to be shown what’s fair and what’s real and seriously, majority of the time we can’t do that as a parents because we’ll tend to baby them and make excuses for them and that will not help them  in their development at all! If you ask me if parents are not careful, I think this could be the way of how bully were created! I’m more afraid of the outcome if my child is lack of proper social interaction, not to mention any  development of attachment will affect developing child.  


I feel like I has failed my child…. Tyra was born on October 9. Just 8 days short to be enter into current school year for Cherry Creek School district. We try to enter her into an early kindergarten and  because of my work schedule, my husband was supposed to find out all the procedures and do all the paperwork. Late last year he share with me what he had found out and beginning of this year he even already print out all the paperwork and told me the deadline to submit everything. Before all that he had a meeting with Tyra preschool teacher and share our intention of putting Tyra into an early kindergarten. Well apparently she discouraging the idea by comparing to other similar parents situation that just let their kids went to another year of preschool. When my husband told me this I was upset because I am not the same with other parents, this is my child and my decision.  Turn out that somehow my husband listen to the teacher  more and never submit the paperwork.

I was very heartbroken when I realize that Tyra has to go another year of preschool. She’s 5 yrs old and will still be in preschool! She’ll be 7 when she enter first grade! My husband and I had a huge argument and fight over this. His defense was the teacher and some of the admission discourage him to enter Tyra to early kindergarten. I can’t believe that he listen to them more than his wife – the mother of his children! He said that according to the admission lady it was almost impossible to pass the test and normally only one kid will pass it. So based on that he just give up and didn’t complete the process for Tyra to do the test. Now we’ll never really know. If Tyra didn’t pass the test, it’s okay – at least I feel I did everything I could to try to enter her into kindergarten, but now, I feel like we had given up before even trying!  

Tyra had already start her school early of this month and I’m still crying at night  (and right now when I’m writing this) of how I feel like I had failed her. If I were to be more involved in the process and if I were asking more question to my husband and not let him handle everything – then maybe none of this will happen and Tyra will be in kindergarten now. The thought that Tyra will be one of the oldest kid in the class just broke my heart. How will she learned now that all her classmate is younger than her? How is this will favor her in any way?

This is a very sensitive issue for me. I can’t explain it, but it is a very big deal for me….

Back to Tyra situation… it is what it is now, the school calendar has starts nothing we can do except putting her into private kindergarten – which we can’t afford at this point. I truly has failed my child…. As a parents I had failed her …  I’m sad and angry that my husband does not share a common point of view with me. I’m very angry at him and myself and I’m honestly not sure if I can ever forgiven him about this issue.


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