Material world… is money equal quality?

Few incidents this weekend that makes me thinks of how vain some people are.

We went swimming with my friend and her girls and her community pool and husband stay to watch the baby. Latter on he told me what type of conversation he overheard while he was waiting for us. Basically just people (woman) gossiping about other woman, about clothes they are wearing, car they drive, cell phone or gadget they have etc…. I don’t really care about what people have say about me, I mean who cares clothes I wear, car I drive, shoes and everything I own and wear is something I earn fair and square. I’m stealing from anybody … but it does bugs me to see people do that to others…

Then, we went to a party literally after swimming and again, I kinda come across the same conversation. This time a couple who just got new job – really I’m so happy for them – but apparently both got paid way more than they used to, but it seems to be they have been in shopping or spending frenzy. They bought new house right away – the party is also their housewarming party – (I love their house btw… hehehe.. I love the layout and how they decorate it!) that’s a very understandable spending, but other than that, they seems to want to get their hands on everything they can even if it’s not necessary.  What bugs me the most of how they brag of prices they paid on items they buy. They seem to think that money really equal quality. On certain items friends and family has been advise them to purchase other thing that serve the same purpose and cheaper but they choose to spends more just because they think expensive means quality. But see… they weren’t like that before… they turn this way just recently.

My husband and I just look at each other and smile… we have our opinion but we won’t say it because first, we’re not family and I don’t want our opinion be construe like we’re jealous – which we’re not!

Oh well… we are living in a material world….  I’m just sitting here writing this and listening to Madonna song Material girl….


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