My new baby story…

How I just learned that every child is different.

I remember with my oldest one, Tyra, even though I was exhausted but my Mom was there to help me and Tyra wasn’t a bad baby at all, so with my newest one thinking of how I have to go through all the newborn routine again, waking up in the middle of the night for feedings every two hours. I figure it wasn’t so bad since I had some experience from my oldest daughters. Well, I thought… “Just like with Tyra, I just have to get through the sleepless nights for couple of weeks or so and I’ll be fine.”

Half true… Kalia did very well; just like any newborn she sleeps most through the day and night but still wake up every 2 hrs for feeding at night. However, about 3 weeks ago, she somewhat become irritable. She have no bowel movement for 3 days and I did all I can by messaging her tummy I even took stool enhancer medicine hoping it’ll pass through my breast milk onto her. The result??? I went to the bathroom 5 times that day and she did nothing! Ah…. Things you’d do for your child…. Anyway, she finally did poop and boy did I almost break that bottle of champagne I’ve been saving!

Since that, she become so attach to me, I swear I think she sometimes use me as a pacifier! She’s so gassy too. Before we just make a jokes that she’s truly daddy’s little girl passing on gas all the times (yeah…) but I start to realize its problem. Gassy baby is an uncomfortable baby and that’s why she so attach to me because she want comfort. My oldest one didn’t have this problem so I’m totally clueless about this. Researching the issue over the internet, there are so many suggestions out there. I’m glad I’m not alone but it also very confusing.  

I finally take bits and pieces of advice and information and of course incorporate it with my situation and with how I think will suit Kalia. I gave her a gas remedy before feeding and I switch her formula and be more patients when burping her (what do you know.. when you have a newborn the sound of baby burping can be the most beautiful sound!). I think the hardest thing to do is for me to stop eating food that can caused gas such as broccoli, but it’s temporary and I know this will taper off. For gassy baby, Kalia is actually not that fussy and pretty good, the only thing is how she just wants to be held.

After few days trying, it work wonder and she’s a much happier baby and sleeps longer! Yay Me! And Yay Kalia!!

I’m so glad of all of the suggestions and recommendation out there, reading the story of all the moms out there makes me feel like I’m not alone and it’s comforting thought even I don’t have my mommy here to help me physically, I have other Moms out there…

Tyra and Kalia my two most prized possessions… both girls, both mine, but they’re both different and very beautiful in their own way…

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