I’m overwhelmed…

Things has been so crazy in my life lately… on one hand, I really excited and can’t wait to see my little baby on the other hand, life’s doesn’t really turn the way I wanted to be and it really bring me down.

 School – I’m overwhelmed with the project, luckily it’s a group effort and everybody really did what they supposed to, so that’s such a big helps.

 Work – so stressing me out lately. There’s new banker or officer who’s can be acting like a jerk. On normal regular conversation he can be a pretty nice guy, but most of the times his attitude is very arrogant, bully type and that drive me nuts. Talking to few people at work, and I wasn’t the only one who feels like that. Unfortunately, I work with him on daily basis because he’s in my department. Ok, my title is Sr. Banking Assistant, but I’m not HIS assistant! My job is doing the admin side of any loan and customer need – such as financial documents, appraisal, title, Phase I or II of any construction and such. Yes, my job will involve a lot of paperwork and therefore a lot of filing. Few weeks ago I ask co-worker to help me with filing cause I have lower back pain and he just happen to pass by and make a comment “Jeez sendie, if you can’t do filing you might not have any job security anymore.” I was just stunned, did he thinks all this time filing is my only job? That is just another example of how much he disrespect me. Over X-mas, him and I butt head over a customer. We need some financial document to complete a loan request and somehow customer just  stone walling me about his financial. I’ve been dealing with his since last July. I did everything from calling, email and send certified mail. He just ignore it, his dad (also busn partner) kept on apologizing to me. Anyway.. long story short, we can’t do what he want on the loan request due to lack of data. He call us upset over it and this “lovely” new officers just blame it on me for unable to get a complete financial. He literally threw me under the boss with the customer. This is happen on X-mas eve and literally ruin my holiday spirit. Next week I call in for a meeting with my bank president about him and how I don’t appreciate his attitude towards me.  He apologize but it really doesn’t last long cause I’m still experience all same arrogant attitude from him on daily basis. I really have no trust in him for anything, I only communicate with him via email or in writing. He made me cry every day at work – maybe the hormone that also made me like this, I don’t know – but that just how much he upset me on day to day basis.

Again, on normal time – if we happened to have lunch together in lunch room, he could be an okay guy to talk to…  but it is so hard for me to keep what happen at work against my own personal feelings, so I really try my best to avoid him.

One response

  1. Sorry Sendie about your co-worker. That’s pretty bad and you have to deal with him while being pregnant (which I’m sure your hormones are raging crazy too). I can’t believe people like him. If he’s not married or has no children and wife…someday it will catch up to him.

    Hang in there and let me know if you need anything.


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