My little one sick..

It’s been so long since Tyra got sick. I think it’s been little over two years… of course she got little runny nose and cough throughout that two years, but nothing serious. Sunday night (or Monday morning) at around 1 am, she started throwing up. Then she complained how her tummy was hurting. I knew it’s stomach flu right away. I start getting things ready, padding for the bed, little bucket, towel, moist towel and extra clothes for her. And unfortunately I was right. She’s then throwing up every hour. Every little sip of water she took, within minutes she will throw it back out. At 4 am, I call my work and tell them I wasn’t coming. And at that time I remember what I should do based on what the doctor & nurse told me when this happened to her in the past. Let her stomach settle down and give one table spoon liquid every 15 – 15 minutes and go from there. It’s a heart breaking to see her ask for water though. I can only give her so much but I know she’s thirsty,  even though it’s very hard not to give her too much drink, but it work, she stop throwing up at around 6 – 7 am. So I started giving her ice chips and that’s helps little bit.

She’s very week too, and I think that’s what hurt the most for me to see, how my usually active little girl just lying there pale and weak. Maybe the pregnancy drawn more emotions out of me too, plus I’m very tired myself from not sleeping and running around cleaning after her the whole night. My husband came home early to help out, he’s home at 6 am and start taking over, but how can you sleeps peacefully really when your little one is sick?

Anyway… she’s stop throwing up since that last one on Monday morning, and she’s started getting much better yesterday. Her appetite slowly getting back, she’s still got little fever and somehow runny nose, I’m just glad the throwing up stops and she’s slowly getting better.


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