Hmong baby….

I think this baby for sure will be a hmong baby… 🙂 I’ve been craving more of Hmong food! My friend have been very nice and generous making me Hmong egg roll, I was planning on taking the picture of the eggroll and post it here, but it was gone the minutes they left my house… hahaha.. I think I ate 5 at one serving! Last week I was craving this dishes, I don’t know the name and it’s actually very simple, it’s just boil chicken with salt pepper, cilantro & green onion. My in law made it few times for us and during the Hmong new year celebration at friend’s house they serve this dishes and last week I’m craving it! Among all the other food I could’ve want, I want that one! Hahaha.. that’s pregnant woman for you huh…

Today… somehow I wanted to eat a good laab! Crazy!! There’s a good Thai restaurant in Colorado Springs that served a good laab.. but we’re nowhere close to that place.. oh well. I have to try to make it myself tonight… 🙂

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