Jon & Kate…

I can’t believe I’m going to write something about this people…

anyway.. just hear that Jon Gosselin countersues TLC for $5M for damaging his reputation… I mean, really..???

I watch the show (before the whole drama) on and off because of the kids..  and I used to wonder about how Kate treat her husband, now it’s sickening to see what a selfish cry baby he’s become…I always thought Kate was harsh, but now after seeing the real Jon no wonder she treated him the way she did!  He’s not a man, just like the 9th child of the family. Just because he have paparazi follow him, that doesn’t makes him a good TV material. What  makes him think TV and viewers are interested in seeing HIM do anything?  Beside cheating, what’s his talent–whining?

TLC should sue him for legal fees based on a nonsense lawsuit.


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