…and the journey begin…

We took a little vacation visiting family about a month ago. Beside WI, we also went to Chicago for 2 days. Did a lot of walking and lots of sighseeing. I feel a slight fever while I was there I thought I was just tired from the trip. We got back to CO Wednesday morning and my “sickness” continue… I was in a very bad shape Saturday & Sunday so I finally went to the doctor on Monday… surprise.. I’m pregant not sick… 🙂

Totally unexpected and we’re all very surprise, my Mom,  my suster and my Dad is very happy I can still remember how my Mom just scream in delight when we told them the news. They are the first group of people we told. I still haven’t told a lot of people … yeah I know I posted on this blog, but not many of our own people know about this blog.  My husband still don’t want to tell his parents just yet. Not meaning to keep a secret but with past history we rather play it safe and wait until maybe 2nd trimester before making a big annoucement.

This pregnancy is very different than what I experience with Tyra.. I know every one of them will be different. What was called morning sickness is something I experience all day not just morning.  I feel downright misarable – no kidding! I have no energy .. everything is making me sick .. I feel bad cause I feel like I’ve been ignoring Tyra. Thank God my mom is here!!

Then 2 weeks ago, I started having a small bleeding after urinate. I freak out – going to the doctor having a urgent ultrasound – my doctor is very calm, but he wasn’t as chatty as usual so I know something is wrong. Turn out, he can’t find the baby’s heart beat… every worse possible scenario is popping into my head. He schedule me for a different ultra sound this time using a much better machine that will pick up a slight movement. Of course the insurance will have to approve it first. Took 3 days and we finally have the ultrasound… and Thank God we can hear the heartbeat!!

However the bleeding continues – doctor put me in a high risk catagory and I have to be seen once a week. In the meantime the morning  – all day sickness is also continues… I should take comfort in my sickness. It mean the baby still there and I read morning sickness somehow relate to a healthy baby! Amien!!

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