True jihad story

The same day as Michael Jackson pass away, on the other side of the world, a woman was murdered inside the court room for defending her right of being a Muslim. Her name was Marwa Sharbini, she was an Egyptian decent living (legally) in Germany. Just like many Muslim woman, she also cover her hair up wearing Hijab or veil.

One of her neighbor named Alex W kept on calling her racial slurs for her head veil, calling her terrorist few times and in one occasion attacks her and tries to rip off her veil from her head. She left with no choice but to file a restraining order against him.

During the court proceeding, Alex brought a knife with him and stabs her 18 times in the middle of the court room while still calling her some racial slurs. Alex has enough opportunity to stab Marwa 18 times while the judge, the jury and prosecutor witnessed the tragic scene and did noting to prevent the attacker. Her husband tries to shield her from the attack and was shot by the court security and now still in hospital in a very critical condition. Marwa die on scene left her young children and husband behind.

News on the crime is manipulated everyday while the German government and judiciary has remained silence and such is that historical crimes happen. More important is breaches of judicial limits and this are a rare event in the history. Left us start to questioning: “if the primary rights of human beings are violated by judicial officials, where can the oppressed take shelter?”

“There are many other questions about the recent crime committed in German court. Is not the murder of Sharbini indicative of racism in some sections of the country’s government and judicial system? Why did not the government take decisive measures regarding the sorrowful case?”

It is surprising to see the European leaders speak of human values on the one hand and remain silent on such a crime on the other. But maybe not, History proof that Germany has a culture of racism and it is promoted regularly by media. From my own personal experience I think Western countries have double standards on human rights and they promote racists crimes against Muslims.

I pray for her, for humanity and I’m proud of her for defending her basic human rights. Rights to choose, rights to be who she wants to be. I pray her jihad will always be remembers by many Muslim, especially Muslim woman. And I thank Allah for this grace, of being a Muslim.


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