I really want to bake my own cake for Tyra’s b-day this year.. nothing fancy, but I wanted to be better than just regular cake with store bought icing. So I learned on how to decorate a cake. I bought some decorating cake book from Barned & Noble, my friend (who is really awesome in cake decorating) suggest me to get some stuff from Michaels… BIG MISTAKE.. Michaels have so much selection on baking and decorating, I end up spend way too much money.. 🙂 I buy more things that I need (of course) and I think I spend almost $100 already.

Anyway…  nothing is as easy as it seems, first of all, I’m not a creative person, so this whole cake decorating thing is really harder than it looks. But Tyra was very supportive and she always told me “you can do it mama.. I know you can!” Coming from a three yrs old, it’s a great motivator for me.

My first cake – which I think a disaster – was a doll cake, I still kinda learning my way around shapping the cake and the icing. It’s very bad! But Tyra love it! She kept on saying it’s beautiful and thank me all the time. I wanted to cry (happy tears) and makes me more eager to learn and to keep on trying, here’s my first cake

The second cake, I’m more familiar with the icing consistency and I learned how to make leaves and flowers using fondant.. Tyra also want a tinkerbell cake, so I added tinkerbell candle to the cake. the idea (in my head) was tinkerbell sitting in a pile of leaves on a hills… hahaha.. here’s what it looks like..

Third cake I made (just few hrs ago) is a bit different form. Again, the idea (in my head) was tinkerbell sitting on a small hill looking down flower garden below her… the cake is far from what I have in mind.. but I think I stated to get the hang of it.. 🙂

Practice makes perfect! So I will continue practicing. I know for sure I won’t be the next Martha Stewart and I’m not aiming to be one. I just want to make a cake for my daughter.. wish me luck!! 🙂

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