Recent bombing in Jakarta

I was in shock when I learned about it last night around 7 pm. I start scrambling around trying to get hold of my parents, my sister and my family. I can’t get hold of anyone for almost 1 hrs.. I literally burst in tears cause I was in such a panic state. I also then remember one of my best friend – my maid of honor at my wedding- work for Ritz Carlton, I again can’t get hold of her.

 Later on, I learned that everyone is okay (except I still haven’t heard about my friend), it’s a bit of a relief, but my sadness quick turn to anger of why this is happening. Please don’t tell me whoever did this do it in the name of religion!

 Islam condemn violent, Islam condemn terrorism. There are no such thing ever promised in the Quran about the 70 virgin and river of honey.. NO SUCH THING!! Suicide is one of the unforgivable sins according to Islam, I don’t understand how could the suicide bomber think their actions will ever be justified?

 Indonesia is the most populous Muslim Country in the world, but this does not mean this attack were done my a Muslim (not a true Muslim anyway) this attack are attacking us the Indonesian, killing us the Indonesian who’s majority Muslim.

 I love my country and I love my religion.. this is just killing me….

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