I’m obsessed!

I’m obsessed with a lot of things lately. With cleaning, re organizing and baking! The first two kinda go together but not the third one. J I’ve been cleaning my house like crazy, last Saturday I stay up until 2.30 in the morning cleaning! Crazy.. crazy.. and no, I’m not pregnant, so this is not some freaky nesting period. It’s just plain freaky!

My house looks so much better though… J I was a semi pack rat before, always kept things thinking I might need them one day, but I decide to throw everything I never need or use and I feel so much better and my house obviously looks so much better too!

With baking, I’m into baking since I can remember; never have the time to do it now since I’ve been occupied with life and all the drama that came with it. Now that my life is sorta going back to normal, I think I might start baking again. I got a book about cake decorating and my goals are to be able to make Tyra a special cake for her coming birthday. I have several months to practice. Wish me luck! I’ll post some progress and maybe picture (if it’s worth showing.. hehehe)

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