My 32 b-day

Yesterday I turn 32… since I was a little kid birthday is always a special thing for me. My parents always make every birthday a special day. I don’t recall any birthday without a birthday party throughout my life.

This year is a bit different. I try so hard not to celebrate it, I have all this plan on just making one party next month together with my husband’s birthday, but I can’t resist the “blow the candle” thing…  aside from it’s a tradition, I want to celebrate this day differently. It’s only April, but somehow I’ve been through a lot this year.

I’ve learned the true meaning of trust, friendship, love, betrayal, and hardship. I think I’ve learned about life more than I’ve ever did. Plus, I lost my grandmother just few weeks ago, what’s makes me really sad about her passing, just at EID I talked to her over the phone and she asked me when I’ll be home and when can she see Tyra, she told me if I didn’t come home in the next few month, I won’t see her again. At that time, I knew that I won’t see her again….

Then on February 23 after few days playing phone tag with my doctor, I receive a bad news that I was diagnosing with early stage of ovary cancer. Regardless how my doctor assures me that I was one of the lucky one for it to be caught early, the news still very distressful for me. Later on that week, I went on a first set of treatment, biopsy, and medication all the “good” stuff. Last Friday, I went on for a second Biopsy and everything was fine. I still have to go over a routine test, once every quarter and there are still medications I have to take… other than that, I’m OK – doctor say.

I dodge the bullet? Seems like it huh? What an interesting year to say the least!

I want to thank my friends to make my day very special… friends & family from the other side of the world already start giving me their b-day wishes as early as the day before and it’s still continue on until today! Friends here that singing happy b-day to me. Cook me special food, blow the candle with me… it brings tears that I do have friends that sincerely care about me.. Khaisy, thank you for celebrate my b-day at your house (we’ll talk about the girls night out with the cousins!), Berto & Anggie, for making a special dinner, Sheba, Leah & Shazia who already plan my b-day lunch since few months ago, !! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!

On a very cute note, my husband, he knows I’m not a cake person, I’m not a chocolate or candy type of person.. put it this way, on a date, it’ll be faster to sprinkle a fries on the bed instead of roses to get me to bed.. hahahaha… so yesterday, he get off work early and went to get a Chicken Teriyaki dishes and put a candle on it. That’s my b-day cake! He knows me well and Tyra sing for me too!

It’s the best birthday so far!


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