How much is it?

With everything being tight right now, I’ve become a very picky shopper. In term of Tyra, even though it seems like she got a million toys, we hardly buy her toys. It’s more of a gift from her birthday party, x-mas, EID.. you name it. My personal philosophy for Tyra is that I don’t mind spending money for something that will be beneficial such as dance lesson, swimming lesson, books .. something in that nature. Even clothes, I don’t mind buying clothes, but toys… hmm.. I have to think twice on that.


Last weekend, we went to Disney store and of course, for Tyra it’s no different than a playground… J she’s so busy trying all the princess’s dress, fairy wings, Cinderella shoe’s etc… she’s a Princess’s addict, the lace dress, pretty shoe, purses and make up. We did plan on buying something for her from that store, but again, I want to make sure it won’t be just one of those ‘pay it once and forget it’ type of thing. I look carefully on each item and look at the price and each time my husband brought something that he think Tyra will be interested I ask my husband how much it was.


Anyway… there’s this nice Ariel Dress and I show it to Tyra to see if she’ll like it, the first thing that came out of her mouth is “How much is it Mommy? Is it expensive?” I burst out laughing… and so is the lady that works at the store. Here’s a 3 yrs old asking if something is expensive or not. She did like the dress very much and no it’s not that expensive, it’s one of the dresses that are on sale.


She’s start doing that too, each time she’s interested on something, she’ll bring it to us and ask of how much it was and if it’s too expensive and if we have money to buy that item for her… it gave me a mixed emotion to hear her asking that questions. She does becoming very selective of stuff she wants. For example, she’s very happy with just that one dress and forgets on any of the others toys… Oh dear… I hope I’m not teaching Tyra to be stingy, I hope I teach her to appreciate value…. J


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