I was reading a religious book to peace of my mind. One story that really capture my attention, I’ll post some of the summary in this posting, but I’m not good at translating Indonesian to English plus some of this book were written in Arabic too :


Family is Sacret. It is easy to build a house but it is not easy to build a home. When the home is broken, it doesn’t matter if the family live in such a great house, it will not be comfortable.


Marriage in Islam is not just some type of binding between a man and a woman to live together. But it is also a sacret promise to build a sakinah (.. family) and a sacret promise between each other and God. Ruining an institution of marriage is not just damaging that marriage it self, but that also mean breaking the promise between themself and God and not mention hurting each other that was ones you loved.  


While we have to go through this financial, ecenomic strom. Family is at least one area, one place that should give us peace. Having that peace at our home will give us relaxation and optimisme of looking at life.


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