Tough year ahead of me…

Just few days ago I wrote on my blog how I’m very optimistic that this year will be a good year for me and my family. Well, on January 7th, our family received a bad news that can turn that around. Honestly, I’m tired of crying; I cry way too many times, I’m surprised I still have few tears left.


I’m not going to change my attitude. I’m not a dreamer (well, I used to be) but I will keep a positive set of mind that THINGS WILL BE BETTER! There are people with much worse situation than me and they survive so I will too. I’ve been blessed with great caring friends and family around me. This year will be another difficult year and I will ride through it with helps of my family and friends and of course God.


Everything happened for a reason and I know God will not give us burden that we can not handle. This is a test and I will pass!


God help me. Amien.


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