This better not be happening….

Christmas day, my nightmare come to life…
The garage always give me the creeps, I think because I remember one of Indonesian horror movie where the ghost is hiding in the garage… hehehe.. anyway, I always affraid to go to the garage unless the door is open.
Christmas day, Tyra and I took my husband to work and will pick him up again around 4 pm because we have Christmas dinner party at friend’s house. At around 4 pm we’re ready to pick my husband up, so I buckle Tyra up in her seat and pulled the car out of the garage and as I try to closed the garage door, it won’t budge. I kept on pressing the remote and it just won’t closed. So I get out and figure I’ll leave iot open and will just lock the door to the house. So I went and lock the door (with no key, I just twist the inside of the door and closed it behind me) just as soon as I closed the door behind me (still in the garage) suddently the garage door just rooled down and smash it self to the ground traped me inside! I was running and try to open it and it won’t budge there’s some string (or cable) that fell off from the motor and I can see the garage door springs just won’t turn and I can’t go back to the house cause I just lock the door!!
I have never been in that state of panic, first of all, I was always scared of the garage but that’s not the first thing in mind, it’s Tyra! My daughter is out there by herself inside an unlocked running car!! I try to break in to the house, no luck, almost break my arms, I cried helps for God knows how long my throat still hurt and I bang whatever I can bang to make noise… but it’s Christmas day, I know all of my neighbor is not at home, I saw them leave…
I think I was in there for a good 5 – 10 minutes before I think to my self I need to be calm and think…. I try to open the garage door again using all force I have in me and it open for just half an inch, good start and I saw pipe and I use it hold the door, then I start looking for some other thing that can help me hold the door and I found a metal leg piece of my outdoor lawn umbrela. It’s a very heavy piece and my back hurt so much as I try to carry it closer to the door. So all I have to do is manage to lift the door and push that umbrella leg at the same time to hold the door open. I finally manage to do so and able to crawl out.

Tyra was crying so bad in the car and I just give her a hug and just cry with her… I know, it sounded so dramatic.. but you have no idea what kind of scray thought that run through my mind… most is about Tyra. She was out there by herself in a running car. What happened if some bad guy just happened to pass by? What happened if she get poisoning from a running car… I guess it’s a mother instinct that gave me the strenght to lift the door open.. cause afterwards, even my husband told me he can’t moved it up at all, the springs is broken therefore the door just won’t rolled up. He was amaze that I actually manage to get out.

After I pick up my husband I just realize how dirty I am with all the garage door oil and grease… and it’s nothing, few hrs later my body start to sore really bad and yesterday morning I just notice all bruises around my tight and my arms….

The good news.. yes I got out and everyone is okay… the not so good news, that garage door is broken and need to be fixed. We search online for the parts and to see if there’s anything maybe we can do ourself, the parts that broken (the springs) will cost between $184 – $800! Depend of which type and which parts. And it’s not something we can do ourself, we need a special tools to fixed it. So, beside the parts we will also need to spend money on labor…

Another expense….. Dear God I can not seems to get a break here…


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