EID, Christmas and the joy of giving

Even though I don’t celebrate Christmas religiously, this is one of my favorite time. I don’t know, somehow I think people are nicer around this time (except at the mall!) and the city are always decorated so pretty with the lights and all the Christmas decorations.

It was kinda sad to see how Christmas becomes so commercialize lately. But that’s a different subject.

EID – Islamic holiday, which is my favorite time ever, have similarity with Christmas. Peace, Forgiveness & Giving. My parents (especially my Mom) thought us from the early on how important it is to give. Within our capacity of course. And I do always enjoy give something to others. I just love that whatever it is I can give them will be useful for that person. Another thing my Mom always teaches us is never expect something in return… well of course. In fact, in Islam there’s a saying “when you give using your right hand, hide your left hand behind your back.”

I also believe in karma, what goes around comes around… I believe that God will somehow set the record straight for us. Throughout life, I’ve always try to life my life as honest as possible, as straight as I possibly can. I have lots of trust in people and in God and how God will take care of me. Even though my situations right now is still very questionable.. (nice way to say it) I have faith that everything will restore and get back to normal. Amien!

Back to giving and karma… last year, I sign my self up to become a adopted parents for one child during holiday. As this year holiday approach, my situations change and honestly, I can’t actually afford to spend more than my regular expense. Especially this kids that I will adopt come from an unfortunate family. I can only imagine how much they hope for whatever other people can give them to bright up their holiday. I was thinking of calling that organization and took my name off. But how can I do that? Compare to a lot of people I’m still very fortunate. Both my husband and I have a job, a house and a car… even though my debt is off the hook! Hahahaha…

Anyway, I decided to go ahead with this whole adopting program. I was planning on buying Tyra new winter Jacket, I put that on hold, she can still wear her old jacket, I was planning on giving myself a nice manicure & pedicure (last time was 2 yrs ago!) and I put that on hold… hey my nails aren’t going to tell the different with just one meni/pedi. My husband was going to buy a new dress shoes for work and guess what, when we went to Ross, he found one dress shoe his size that was originally cost $89 was mark down to $11! No joke! So long story short, I’m able to gather some money to purchase a gift for our “adopted” baby. We got a baby girl who’s only 4 month old named Liliana. Her parents were so humble; they don’t have a wish list. On the wish list all that was written was “we’re so grateful for you, anything you gave us will do.” I was crying when I read that. I manage to get few clothes, toys, diaper and some other accessory.

So Tyra won’t have new coat until maybe next year, my husband settle for a cheaper shoe, no meni/pedi for us… but hey, life moves on! I’m glad I made the decision to stick with the program.

Wait… the story is not over yet. Yesterday, as I pulled up in my drive way, I notice there’s two huge box sitting on my porch. It’s a Christmas gift from my parents in law. Inside, there are tons of gift for Tyra including new winter coat! And few gift for me and my husband’s as well. My in law had never done anything like this in the past. I mean, they give tyra gift, but normally justa little teddy bear, a shirt or something small. (Don’t get me wrong, I’m still grateful) but never two huge boxes.

It send me chills, because literally, I just drop off that gift for Liliana that same day. It seems like God repay me right away…

What goes around comes around…. I wish my gift will make Liliana’s family happy as much as my in law gift makes me happy.

Happy Holiday Everyone!!

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