October is such a busy month for me. Oh, who am I kidding, my lifes has been very – very busy. But I enjoyed it.  Little highlights (and I will post some picture latter)

* EID – Islam holiday falls on this month. End of Ramadhan. I was kinda sad to see it go. It is the most holliest month for Muslim

* Tyra’s b-day! She’s 3 now… we did a Ariel swimming party for her at the hotel. It was so much fun, everybody had a blast!

* Tyra start school! and she did very well. I’m very happy (beside have to pay $238/week) She learned a lot. Just on her first day, she already know how to count in Spanish! My little stinker!

* My Mom left to go back home to Indonesia. Tyra took it very well, not me, I was a wreck. She’s not just my Mom, she’s also my best friends.. I mean, yeah, we fight, have disagreement, but in the end, I love her to death. The house will be so empty without her.

* I started my second job. I worked at the hotel to help out my aunt (and my money situation.. hehehe) no more days off for me. I work my regular job monday – friday and I work at the hotel here saturday sunday.. God help me!

* Halloween!!! Tyra have three costume. One as a sleeping beauty, a ballet dancer and a princess spider! I’m a witch this year and husband as count dracula! We had a blast.

November here we comes…..!!!


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