Tyra start school

Tyra start school!


Yay! We finally got her in to Primrose School, www.myprimroseschool.com/littleton after the long process of 9 month on waiting list and other pre qualifications, we’re finally in!

Her first official day will be September 29th, 2008 but they want us to take her in for few hrs/day for her to get used to the environment. And we’ve been dropping her off since Monday and she’s doing very well.

Why Primrose? Well, it’s accredited by NCA 

And it’s the only school so far (that we’ve visit) that can proved their students academic achievement. So yeah… the bad side, we have to suck in $238/week. J


She’s very happy though, already talked about her friends and what they do in class, what snack she ate etc… I’m excited. She talked with more vocabulary now (only within few days!) And she knows her number and ABC better. I mean she can recite ABC and count until 21, but now she actually knows the alphabets not just memorize it.  


Daddy’s not doing very well. He cries the first time we drop her off, the school director trying so hard to hide her laugh and last night all my friends were just teasing him about that. Last night we have dinner with friends and Tyra and their daughter were playing with computer and they were all teasing ‘Oh Pheng will be crying soon, Tyra knows how to type…” hahaha….

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