Ayah pulang…

My Dad leaves yesterday. He was crying as we say good bye, I was too, and so does my mom… yeah, we’re a cry family… J

His 6 weeks visit seems too short for me. There are still so many thing to do and so many places I want to show him, but there are just not enough time.. (and money) hahaha…

We went and have dinner at friend’s house, when we got home, there’s feel like something missing. My Dad has his routine every night and he normally linger in the kitchen and watch late news with us…

During Ramadhan, he’s the one that woke us up. This morning, my alarm clock takes his job. Feels different.

When I was little, I normally woke up to my Mom and Dad’s morning conversation. My bedroom is right by our family room, my parents always have breakfast and watch morning news there then have conversation about what’s going on. It’s such a morning routine that its comforting for me. During his 6 weeks stay, it’s happening again. I feel like I took a time travel back to my childhood each time I woke up in the morning to such a comfortable sounds. Not this morning, and I can not help by start to miss him so much.

The fact that I’ve been homesick for a while doesn’t help. I miss home so much, I miss my family, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews. Especially, this is a holiday for me, another EID I won’t spend with my family back home.

On the good side, my Mom is still here… YAY! She’ll wait untin EID and Tyra’s b-day before going back home to Indonesia… God help me when that time comes.


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