Hu Plig for Tyra

Last Saturday, we’re throwing a hu plig ceremony for our daughter Tyra…

In Hmong culture (where my husband is from), they believe that if you become ill, experience bad luck or suffer any kind of loss or hardship, it has happened because your soul has either wandered away from your body or been kidnapped by the dab (Evil), spirits which can be either good or bad, depending on the circumstances. The purpose of a Hu Plig (soul calling ceremony) is to return the soul to its proper owner. At this ceremony, the Hmong invite all of their relatives and friends to Pray for the health of the person they’re doing the ceremony for and also for the ensuing feast. That person will be given a new, secret Hmong name, in order to trick the dab (Evil) into thinking that he or she is another person so that they cannot steal her soul again.

It turn out great! Tyra seems to know the ceremony is for her and she’s very happy. Lots of my friends came and help out.. and we have family from WI, my husband’s older brother and his family came. They’re probably the only family we have in US. Tyra just love her uncle, auntie and cousins…. we truly have a blast… I can’t thank my friends and family enough….

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