My Indonesian Music

This song was popular when I met my ex bf…. he’s one of my serious relationship, we went out for almost 5 yrs even talk about marriage and we know each other family and I love his parents and my parents love him etc… ironic, this song is about a relatioship that somehow didn’t work out. We still keep in touch and remain friends… 

And the night before my wedding, he came to my house and we talk… I think its one of the saddest moment of my life… and we talk about this songs above that again, talk about relationship that somehow the couple broke up even they don’t intend to and wish there’s a way for them to get back together…. now, don’t get me wrong, I love my husband and we’re happy… I just somehow come accross this video while browsing You Tube and it just bring back memories…

I left home in 1999. So much has change since, especially musics… this is one of my favorire Indonesian songs..


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  1. Sendie…I was about to write something about my ex too..then I read your post and thought Id let you know. funny. I’m not going to do it now though..just not enough time.

    …talk to you later. Take care!

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