From my friend Dani

Allow things to be meaningful and they become meaningful.

–        Laura Day

In life, there are no right or wrong answers; there are only our interpretations of what we see, experience, believe. 

Highly effective women know that to a great extent they frame their own realities.  They know that their interpretations are the filters through which they view the world. 

See yourself as courageous, loving, and free-spirited.  See the world as grand, beautiful, supportive, and magical – and it becomes so. 

Seeing things in this way doesn’t make you immune to life’s disappointments or to the sting of another’s sharp words.  Nor does it mean that you’ll be able to banish all doubts and fears from your mind.  It does mean that you will have the final say, the last word in your conversations with yourself.  You will have the power to change your world, to turn negative thoughts and experiences into golden learning opportunities.

Developing this power takes practice and conscious effort.  You must train yourself to see the glass as half full, remind yourself to carry around your rose-colored glasses.  That’s why you must get in the habit of discovering life’s daily treasures.  Put a new spin on old ways of thinking.  Turn disempowering thoughts into empowering ones.  Most importantly, accept the role you play in creating your reality by making your life meaningful on your own, positive terms.


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