Good and Bad

Busy weekend as always. We got a new fridge, its maytag side by side door. I was very excited. Thank God for my friends Gary & Jody. They help us with the fridge, not sure what we’ll do without them. I love them dearly! We supposed to go to my other friend house for Pho & poker, but after moving the fridge and arrange everything; we’re too tired and end up not going. Kinda sad that we missed such a fun night. Tyra was pretty bumped too, because we did drop by at their house before we pick up the fridge, and she just starting to have fun with all of the kids at my friend’s house and we need to go… oh well…

 Then, I got a bad news from home, our mountain house in Indonesia were swept away by the river flood that happened last weekend. And my mom was swept away few yard by the water, my sister told me everything just happened so fast and good thing our family driver was there and able to grab my Mom and save her before the water drag her any further.  4 people were still missing from that incident, I’m still shaking up with the thoughts I almost lose my Mom….  Really- really want to go home right now……


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