Tyra Being Tyra

This picture below is taken last Sunday, I was cleaning after my friends leave, and she call me “Mommy… mommeee…. Take my picture!” when I look at her, she was posing. It’s just too cute to pass on, so I grab the camera and took the picture.


I was making grilled shrimp few nights ago for dinner, and I marinade about 1.5 lbs of shrimp. I don’t have a big indoor grilling pan so I have to grill then separately. As I was grilling the second portion, I notice Tyra is too quite, when I turn to see what she was doing, she was eating the one that is done! She was on the kitchen floor and just eating them and then look at me with those innocent eyes….and she said “its yummy Mommy!” I was laughing really loud in my head. I just told her to save some for Daddy… hahaha…


This Saturday is Kiera’s 3rd birthday party. Last night, I start picking up dress Tyra can wear and get the gift ready. Tyra ask me what I was doing and I told her we’re going to Kiera’s b’day party. She then correct me, “Kida’s party?” “No”, I said, “Kiera” she’s “arguing” with me.. “Mommy, my friend’s name is KIDA” hahaha… too funny! She’s still want Kida. And oh, btw… I’m still not allowed to wash the cup. I did actually, but I put it right where it was, by her little table, so she won’t notice anything.. hahaha…


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