Friends and family

Last weekend I was totally nervous. My final was last Monday. I honestly think I’ll fail this class. I try and try to study, but I missed two class because Tyra and I were both sick. I try to catch up, but its still hard. We’ll see….

We didn’t do much Saturday, I try to study as much as I can and clean the house. We do have a friend’s daughter b’day party in the evening… and here’s something stupid. We went to Hmong Cultural night which actually not until next Saturday! We drove all the way to downtown for nothing… hehehe….  Sunday morning, we went to the Train Show, it was fun except I’m still worrying about my exam. I took few picture from our trip to the train shows.

We have friends come over Sunday evening. Its really a fun and relaxing night. Its so different from back in the days when I was in College in Sydney and have friends come over.. well duh.. of course, it was 10 yrs ago! hahaha…

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  1. awww…how cute! Tyra is such a cutie! My husband and I were laughing at what you typed about Tyra, Kida and Kylie. It made our evening!!

    Kida really enjoyed being around Tyra. On our way home, all Kida talked about was about Tyra.

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